As first-time buyers, we are frustrated by the current real estate market. What advice or tips can you offer?

Author: Christine Gazzola |

First, interview a few real estate agents and choose the one who best understands your needs, one you are comfortable with, and you feel is experienced.

Second, manage your emotions. Make sure you know what you want or need in a property and stick to what you are prepared to pay.

Third, if you want to submit an offer without any conditions, be sure you’re comfortable with taking that risk. If your agent is being cautious, trust their experience, and trust your instincts as well. Your agent should help you feel comfortable with your decision.

And fourth, real estate contracts are legal documents, so read and understand everything before you sign, and get legal advice. Don’t be afraid to ask your agent questions; they are working for you.

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Christine Gazzola -   Real Estate Agent Niagara Falls