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"Word of mouth" is an important aspect of business. I have build my business on referrals from friends, family, clients and other business contacts. It is also about giving back. These are my favorite businesses that I support and recommend. If you need a certain service, product or even a great place to eat or go, check out my faves below. Click on the name, read the blurb.

  • Houses For Sale Niagara Region

    Paul Andrusiw

    Real Home Inspections Niagara Inc. (905).401.7586
  • Homes For Sale In Fonthill Ontario

    Tammy Conlon, Mortgage Broker

    Premiere Mortgage (289).668.1042
  • Homes For Sale In Fonthill Ontario

    Trevor, Proseal Waterproofing

    Proseal Waterproofing & Contracting - Looking for a waterproofing specialist? Call Trevor, 905.380.7122
  • Real Estate Niagara Region

    Michael Mann, lawyer

    Lancaster, Brooks & Welsh LLP
  • Niagara Region Real Estate

    Armondo Valeriote, Welland Plumbing

    Armondo Valeriote, plumber. 208 Burgar Street, Welland. 905.732.4457
  • Homes For Sale In Niagara Ontario

    Ronny DiFelice, Crowland Sash

    Crowland Sash & Frame Ltd. supplies quality, custom made wood windows, doors, frames, and trim. A family owned business operating since 1956, we offer our customers excellent work and customer service with reasonable rates and reliable subcontract workers. Call Ronny DiFelice 289.214.4157
  • Houses For Sale Niagara Region

    Jeff Servos, general contractor

    Give Jeff a call for all your home renovations. (905) 324-2625
  • Homes For Sale In Niagara Ontario

    Dennis Eden, Electrical Contractor

    Dennis Eden - electrician 905.328.1242
  • Lisa, Stager

    Lisa, Stager

    The Staging Professionals (289).929.4171