Frequently Asked Questions

  • As a home buyer, what can I expect when there are competing offers on a home?
  • In a bidding war on a home, does the seller have to accept the highest offer?
  • As first-time buyers, we are frustrated by the current real estate market. What advice or tips can you offer?
  • I know many buyers are coming in from out of town. Should I list with a Toronto agent to get more exposure?
  • Is a Down Payment the Same as a Deposit?
  • How can a real estate agent help me buy a home?
  • Will I get a better deal if I call the listing agent to buy a house?

During a bidding competition, the listing brokerage must disclose the number of active offers on a property, whether any of the buyers are represented by the listing brokerage, and whether any offers include a commission adjustment that the seller would pay to the buyer’s brokerage. These disclosures help ensure an equitable opportunity for all buyers. The seller can accept or reject your offer, make a counter-offer, or even give one or more buyers an opportunity to “improve” their offers.

Sellers are not required to choose the highest-priced offer. Other factors can influence their decision, such as the amount of the deposit, the closing date, and other terms and conditions they like best.

First, interview a few real estate agents and choose the one who best understands your needs, one you are comfortable with, and you feel is experienced.

Second, manage your emotions. Make sure you know what you want or need in a property and stick to what you are prepared to pay.

Third, if you want to submit an offer without any conditions, be sure you’re comfortable with taking that risk. If your agent is being cautious, trust their experience, and trust your instincts as well. Your agent should help you feel comfortable with your decision.

And fourth, real estate contracts are legal documents, so read and understand everything before you sign, and get legal advice. Don’t be afraid to ask your agent questions; they are working for you.

Not a good idea. Local agents know the local market, the values, and the neighbourhoods. I personally post all my listings on the Toronto real estate board, as well as Niagara’s, to provide sellers the extra exposure of the out-of-town market. This gives more agents full access to our local listings as well.

Also, most buyers search on With my team of professionals posting your listing on multiple boards, your property will show up more than once on And, our local board encourages other brokerages to share local listings, another great reason to hire a local agent. The more exposure the better. We work for you!

Some people confuse the deposit and the down payment. Think of the deposit as a down payment on your down payment. The amount is typically around $10,000 but can vary depending on how serious you are about buying the home, and the price. The deposit comes in the form of a certified cheque or bank draft with the Offer to Purchase. This deposit will be deducted from your required down payment amount.

There is a lot to know about buying a home before you dive in. Lean on your real estate agent and their team of professionals to ensure you’re aware of all the requirements as well as the options available. Your financial advisor, lawyer and real estate agent know the ins and outs of the purchasing process. You don’t have to navigate this road alone.

A buyer’s agent can help you find homes within your budget, schedule visits to houses you like, and negotiate with sellers. Top real estate agents have in-depth knowledge about your area and can save you time and money by narrowing down your best possible options.

Real estate agents also have access to the multiple listing service (MLS) database, which can help you find homes in popular locations before other buyers. Since realtors are plugged into the local market, they might even hear about potential properties before they’re officially listed!

Buying a home can seem overwhelming and confusing, but an experienced real estate agent can put your mind at ease.

Overall, no...
The listing agent first and foremost represents the seller and their best interests.

It's usually best to work with your own agent, one who will do what's best for you. Work with an agent you have a rapport with, someone you trust, and that isn’t afraid to ask questions. An experienced agent is a skilled negotiator and ultimately they are working for you.

Christine Gazzola -   Real Estate Agent Niagara Falls