Keeping You and Your Family Safe While Your Home is Listed

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Keeping You And Your Family Safe While Your Home Is Listed

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a lot of change, which means many things are now being done remotely in real estate. We have been stick-handling around new and changing issues for more than a year now. For example, the way we manage showing and listing properties for sale. When a seller opens their house to the market, they open their doors to virtually the world. I know this can be a stressful time, and understand that you may not feel comfortable having strangers coming through your home.

There are a few key things I insist on when listing houses. Ensuring homeowners follow safety protocols by asking them to keep hand sanitizers at the door, Lysol wipes, spare masks, and rubber gloves. Each person coming in for an appointment fills out a COVID questionnaire before the booking. Visits are limited to one agent and two buyers, and we ask all our clients to please leave their children at home. The agent wears rubber gloves so that only one person opens and closes any doors, cupboards, and drawers. Furthermore, all visitors wear masks, there is no unnecessary use of bathrooms, and no congregating inside.

In one instance, because a family member had an immune deficiency, I had my clients vacate the home for almost a week. Before they returned, we arranged for a cleaner to thoroughly wipe down all surfaces and floors.

In this profession, there are not many day-to-day changes we can make other than temporarily shutting down our offices. However, because some people still need to buy and sell for various reasons, we made changes to the way we communicate with our clients. We don’t meet in person as often and receive a lot more emails and texts. We handle most of the paperwork digitally allowing for less in-person contact. Unfortunately, there is nothing remote about the work we do, and we have to work in person.

Whenever I meet with clients, I do everything in my power to protect everyone involved. I am very cautious during showings and try to utilize technology when doing offers as much as possible.

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